About Us

Welcome to Functional Brain Science Lab. at Jichi Medical University! This is a newly launched lab since April, 2010, inheriting a legacy of Sensory and Cognitive Food Science Lab at National Food Research Institute, Tsukuba, Japan. We are performing multi-disciplinary studies involving functional brain imaging and psychometrics on human cognition with special emphasis on food life.

As to functional brain imaging, we have been most dedicated to technical development of spatial registration for NIRS imaging (also known as optical topography or diffused optical imaging (DOI)). Several useful tools with evidence at publication-basis are available. In addition to NIRS, our lab is now equipped with 160 channel magnetoencephalography instrument. An MRI scanner will also be installed this summer. So, we are almost ready to perform some multimodal functional imaging studies.

The other important wheel of our lab is psychometrics. Why psychometrics? Well, neuroimaging is not sufficient to explore the complex structure of human cognition. We need to ask and ask, and heavy statistical analyses thereafter will tell you what are going on in our brain. We are currently applying psychometrics on the study of human food life, and extending it to QoL research in general.

As our publication records may tell, we are happy to perform international collaboration with either topic. If you are interested in, please feel free to contact us.

                                 Ippeita Dan, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Functional Brain Science Lab.
                                 Center for Development of Advanced Medical Technology, Jichi Medical University


June 27
POTATo tools are tentatively available here.
June 27
Sorry that we have neglected to update our web. We just resume it now that we almost got over with the earth quake issues.
August 9
Congratulation! "Process-specific prefrontal contributions to episodic encoding and retrieval of tastes: a functional NIRS study" by M. Okamoto et al. was accepted to NeuroImage.
June 17
Congratulation! "Interactive effects of carbon footprint information and its accessibility on value and subjective qualities of food products" by A. Kimura et al. was accepted to Appetite.
June 8
Morning Workshop at HBM, Barcelona was successfully closed gathering aprx 250 participants. Presentation files are available on the left.
May 31
Our new website has been launched.
May 12
Congratulation! "Package images modulate flavor perception for orange juice." by N. Mizutani et al. was accepted to Food Quality and Preference.
May 2
Congratulation! "Eating habits in childhood relate to preference for traditional diets among young Japanese." was accepted to Food Quality and Preference.
April 1
Start of Functional Brain Science Lab. at Jichi Medical University