Standardization plan for optimization
of X-ray photography system


Radiographic equipment

Equipped with both general photographic and transmissive radiographic units.

Inverter control is recommended for high-voltage control systems.

Equipped with radiographic stand for laying and standing positions having automatic photo-timer and Bucky's device (Bucky Table)

Transmissive radiographic unit shall be of the over tube type.

Maintenance agreement shall be concluded.

Typical layout for a single photo room.

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Automatic developing machine

Compact type is easier to manage than a large type (recommended equipment).

Better if auto-feeder (automatic film feeder) is provided.

Developing solution system should be the mixing type immediately before use (from the viewpoint of solution fatigue and installation area).

Always perform density control of the automatic developing machine.

Maintenance agreement shall be concluded.

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Sensitized materials

Use the orth system with system sensitivity of 200 and over.

Limit sizes of materials and use them up within the time limits.

For cassettes and films, 35 x 45cm, 35 x35cm and 10 x l2in. sizes only are sufficient.

Purchase film by 50-film packages instead of 100-film packages. Share the quarter size with fluoroscopy.

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Radiographic conditions, and others

Take chest radiographs with the tube voltage set at l00kv to l20kv.

Reduce the exposure time as much as possible (0.05sec max. is ideal).

Have a radiographic technician prepare a list of radiographic conditions (since they differ from facility to facility).

Use grids and Bucky's devices properly (apply voltage of 60kv and over).

Apply the diaphragm to other than objective section.

Apply a right- and/or left-marker to the film.

Provide protection for the genitals. Have protective gear on hand.

Arrange for auxiliary positioning means (such as a triangular pillow and/or head-locking pillow)

Take radiographs of the abdomen and large lung area with 35 x 43cm size film.

Don't violate medical regulations (only authorized physicians, dentists and radiographic technicians can take radiographs).

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Be ready to give explanation on radiation exposure (informed consent).

Care should be taken when radiographing fecund female. (l0 Dayfs Rule).

For the radiographing of the subject on the stretcher, a grid for 35 x 43cm, 35 x 35cm and 10 x 12in. sizes should be handy if available.

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