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Aims and Scope

Our department was established to exclusively devote itself to the improvement and development of community medicine in Japan. Several decades ago, "community medicine" was strictly confined to so-called "rural areas". However, with the recent change of social structure and the development of the discipline itself, the community medicine now spreads its realm onto urban regions as well as conventional villages. In the light of current health-related problems of Japan such as the rapid increase of elderly population, the spread of lifestyle diseases, and the diversification and complication of illnesses people suffer, all we have to do is not to limit ourself to narrow specialties but to practice a wide range of medical activities in order to deal with these issues. Therefore, the extent to which these "new community doctors" wield their knowledge and skills would broaden out not only into mere "general medicine" but into preventive medicine, public health, and social welfare. This is just the community medicine of a new era and the community medicine we pursue. The final destination of our department is to change the medicine and medical system of Japan by changing the current community medicine into more desirable one.

Under the perspective of the new community medicine mentioned above, we have tackled various themes in our department. First of all, we have established a clinical division, "Division of General Practice," in our medical school hospital in which we conduct a substantial portion of the clinical training for general practitioners, residents, and medical students. Furthermore, we started and developed two large-scale research programmes: "the JMS cohort study", a multi-community prospective cohort study on stroke and ischemic heart diseases, and "the community medicine statement"; a statistical survey on rural medicine throughout the entire Japan. We also have encouraged some community doctors to form a network with us and each other.

Now we are seeking ambitious new colleagues who are interested in community medicine, family medicine, and general practice. We are open to anybody who wants to join us.