Members in Division of Regenerative Medicine.

We have five faculties, two postdoc, three students in the division.

Fuculty Members

Yutaka Hanazono


Yutaka Hanazono, MD., PhD

198x: M.D., University of Tokyo.
1992: Ph.D, University of Tokyo.
Since 2003, he leads Division of Regenerative Medicine.
2015- Director, Center for Development of Advanced Medical Technology, JICHI Medical University.
2017- Depuy Director, Open Innovation Center, JICHI Medical University.

Associate Professor
魚崎 英毅

Associate Professor

Hideki Uosaki, MD., PhD

2004: M.D., Hokkaido University
2011: Ph.D, Kyoto University
In 2016, he joined to the division as a lecturer. In 2017, he was promoted to Associate Professor.

Senior Lecturer

Senior Lecturer

Tomoyuki Abe, PhD

2011: Ph.D., Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.
He studied in this lab since he was an undergraduate. After being a postdoctoral fellow and an Assistant Professor, he is now a Senior Lecturer since 2017.
In 2020, he became a Senior Lecturer of Division of Coordination for Joint Usage, Center for Development of Advanced Medical Technology, JICHI Medical University. Co-affiliated with this Division.

Senior Lecturer
原 弘真

Senior Lecturer

Hiromasa Hara, PhD

2014: PhD., Shinsyu University.
In 2016, he joined here as an Assistant Professor after a postdoctoral fellow in National Institute for Physiological Sciences.
In 2020, he was promoted to a Senior Lecturer.

Assistant Professor
Suvd Byambaa

Assistant Professor

Suvd Byambaa, PhD.

2018: PhD., JICHI Medical University.
She joind our lab as a PhD student in 2014. Originally from Mongolia. After she was awared her PhD, she continues her research here as a postdoctoral fellow.
In 2020, she was promoted to an Assistant Professor.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellow
Takeshi Tokuyama

Takeshi Tokuyama, PhD

2017: Ph.D., Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences.
After being a postdoc for Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences and Johns Hopkins University, he joined as a postdoc in 2021.

Postdoctoral Fellow
Nawin Chanthra

Nawin Chanthra, MSc, PhD

2020: Ph.D., Jichi Medical University.
He graduated from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and joined our lab in 2016 as a Ph.D. student (JMU Special International Graduate Student Program). In 2020, he was awared a PhD.

Graduate Students

Graduate Student
Tatsuya Anzai

Tatsuya Anzai, MD

2012: M.D., Kanazawa University.
After residency at JICHI Medical University, he entered Ph.D. program at pediatrics department, JICHI Medical University in 2018.
He joined our lab to study VUS, related to congenital heart diseases, using mouse models and stem cell biology

Graduate Student

Razan Elfadil Ahmed Abbas, MD

2017: M.D., The University of Khartoum.
After one year of Internship at Ministry of Health Hospital in Sudan, she joined our lab as a research student in July, 2019 and continues as a graduate student from 2020.

Graduate Student

Natsagdorj Munkh-Erdene, MD, MSc

2012: M.D., Health Sciences University of Mongolia.
He graduated from Health Sciences University of Mongolia in 2012. After 2 years of visiting researcher at Tokai University, he joined our lab as a graduate student from 2020.

Technical Staff

石原 理恵

Rie Ishihara

Technical Staff

Visiting Researchers

Visiting Researcher
Kumiko Iwabuchi

Kumiko Iwabuchi, PhD

2011: Ph.D., Kyoto University.
After being a postdoc for the University of Edinburgh, Harvard University, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Kyoto University, she joined as a postdoc in 2020.
2021.6 she left our lab to be a scientist in Synthego and has been a visiting researcher for our lab since then.