Our Research

1. Deciphering Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiomyocyte Maturation

We aim to elucidate molecular mechanisms regulating cardiomyocyte maturation.
With an efficient, directed cardiac differentiation method, we are able to obtain cardiomyocytes from pluripotent stem cells. However, such cardiomyocytes were immature as fetal cardiomyocytes, which limits the potential of stem cell derived cardiomyocytes being a platform to study human heart diseases.
We will elucidate the molecular mechanisms and provide a platform to recaptulate human heart diseases in vitro.

2. Disease Modeling in vivo and in vitro

We are working on to model cardiac myopathy and malformation in vivo and/or in vitro.
In a collabolation with Drs. Koitabashi (Gunma U), Nishizono (Max Planck Florida), and other researchers of Jichi Medical Unviersity, we are generating animal models harvoring SNVs that found in congenital heart diseases and cardiac myopathy.
As a part of an AMED-sponsored project, we are establishing a number of patient-derived iPS cell lines for mitochondrial diseases and neural disorders in collabolation with Dr. Murayama (Chiba Children's Hospital) and our pediatrics department.
To analyze the physiological function of iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes, we are developing new tools and techniques for sarcomere shortining with live-imaging, which may facilitate the cardiomyopathy study.
These studies will provide novel perspectives in heart diseases.


Associate Professor
魚崎 英毅

Hideki Uosaki, MD., PhD

Associate Professor, PI

2004: M.D., Hokkaido University
2011: Ph.D, Kyoto University
In 2016, he joined to the division as a lecturer. In 2017, he was promoted to Associate Professor.

Junior faculty and Trainees

Assistant Professor
Takeshi Tokuyama

Takeshi Tokuyama, PhD

2017: Ph.D., Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences.
After being a postdoc for Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences and Johns Hopkins University, he joined as a postdoc in 2021.
In 2023, he was promoted to an Assistant Professor.

Assistant Professor
Tatsuya Anzai

Tatsuya Anzai, MD, PhD.

2012: M.D., Kanazawa University.
2022: Ph.D., Jichi Medical University
After residency at JICHI Medical University, he entered Ph.D. program at pediatrics department, JICHI Medical University in 2018.
He joined our lab to study VUS, related to congenital heart diseases, using mouse models and stem cell biology.
In 2022, he was awarded Ph.D. from JICHI Medical University and promoted to Assistant Professor of the pediatrics department, Jichi Meidlca University.
He contineus his gene thepary studies here as a part-time.

Postdoctoral Fellow
Fuad Gandhi Torizal

Fuad Gandhi Torizal, DDs, PhD.

2010: D.Ds., Padjajaran University.
2013: M.Biotech., Gadjah Mada University.
2019: Ph.D., The University of Tokyo.
After being a postdoc at the University of Tokyo, he joined our lab as a postdoc in 2022.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Razan Elfadil Ahmed Abbas, MD, PhD.

2017: M.D., The University of Khartoum.
After one year of Internship at Ministry of Health Hospital in Sudan, she joined our lab as a research student in July, 2019 and continues as a graduate student from 2020
In 2024, Razan was awarded a Ph.D, then she continues her research here as postdoctoral fellow with JSPS International Fellowship for Research in Japan.

Research Resident
北口 絵里

Eri Kitaguchi

In 2023, she joined as a resaerch resident.


Nawin Chanthra, PhD
2016.4-2020.3: Doctral Student
2020.4-2024.3: Postdoctoral Fellow
Current: Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, Kasetsart University, Thailand
Rie Ishihara
2017.4-2024.4: Laborantine (Technical staff)
Kumiko Iwabuchi, PhD
2020.10-2021.6: Postdoctoral Fellow
Current: Scientist of Shinobi therapeutics.
Nurmila Sari, PhD
2020.10-2021.3: Postdoctoral Fellow
2021.4-2021.10: Visiting Researcher of our lab,
current: RIKEN Postdoctoral Fellow (JSPS International Fellowship for Research in Japan; Standard Program)


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