Recruitment of Graduate Students (Master's & Doctoral courses) for 2021new
                 -- Division of bacteriology, school of medicine, Jichi medical university --
  Graduate school programs
    1. Doctoral Course (4 years): Program of Immunity & Microbiology
    2. Doctoral Course (4 years): Program of Infection  Control Sciences
    3. Master's Course (2 years) : Program of Medical Science
  Research projects
    1.  Development of a novel antimicrobials against antibiotic-resistnat bacteria
    2.  Bacteriophage and phage therapy
    3.  Antibiotic resistance of Staphylococcal species, especially on Staphylococcus aureus
    4.  Drug resistance in gram negative bacteria
    5.  Severe invasive infection by group A streptococci
    6.  Infection control science
  Application Eligibility
    1.  Master's course: University graduates.
    2.  Docterial course: Masterfs degree graduates.

  –Overseas applicants are welcomed. 
  –Our laboratory is international as many of members are from abroad (> 7 countries), 
       and running international research program as well.
–Partial financial support by Lab budget is available for both Domestic and Foreign students.
  –For further information please contact to us.
  Contact information:

    Division of bacteriology, school of medicine, Jichi medical university, Prof. Longzhu Cui
    Address: 3311-1, Yakushiji, Shimotsuke-Shi, Tochigi, 329-0498, Japan
    Tel:  +81 (0) 285 58 7331   Fax:  +81 (0) 285 44 1175

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