Form Follows Function; Our goal is to understand structural changes and elucidate their molecular mechanisms and roles in biological phenomena of the nervous system.


  • 2024.4.1
    Dr. Abe (MD. PhD) from Dokkyo Uni. has joined Ohno lab as a visiting researcher.     
  • 2024.4.1
    Ms. Yanagawa has joined Ohno lab as a PhD student.
  • 2024.4.1
    Ms. Ueno has joined Ohno lab as a lab assistant.     
  • 2024.2.29
    Dr. Yamazaki and Prof. Ohno's review was published in Acta histochemica et cytochemica. The Mouse Model of Internal Capsule Demyelination: A Novel Tool for Investigating Motor Functional Changes Caused by Demyelination and for Evaluating Drugs That Promote Remyelination. Congratuations!
  • 2024.2.10
    Dr. Osanai and Dr. Yamazaki received The Award for Excellent Presentation in the 8th Myelin Meeting!Congratuations!
  • 2024.1.31
    Ms. Yagai has retired Ohno lab. Thank you for everything.
  • 2023.11.12
    Our PhD student Ms. Sasikarn awarded Excellent Poster Award at the 66th Symposium of the Japabese Society of Microscopy!Congratuations!
  • 2023.11.3
    Dr. Yamazaki awarded IDDI Outstanding Basic and Applied neuroscience Talent Award!Congratuations!
  • 2023.9.3
    Our PhD student Mr. Battulga awarded PhD student Best Presentation Award at The 111st Japanese Association of Anatomists Kanto-branch meeting! Congratuations!
  • 2023.2.6
    Dr. Yamazaki’s work was published in Neurochemistry International. Pharmacological treatment promoting remyelination enhances motor function after internal capsule demyelination in mice.
  • 2023.1.16
    Mr. Battulga’s work was published in Scientific Reports. Correlative light and electron microscopic observation of calcium phosphate particles in a mouse kidney formed under a high-phosphate diet.
  • 2022.12.3
    Dr.Yamazaki obtained a grant from Daiwa Securities Health Foundation and the ceremony was featured in the Shimono Shimbun newspaper.
  • 2022.10.24
    Our new review paper entitled Heterogeneity and regulation of oligodendrocyte morphology is published in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology.
  • 2022.8.6
    Dr. Osanai’s work in our lab was published in Neurochemical Research. Dark rearing in the Visual Critical Period Causes Structural Changes in Myelinated Axons in the Adult Mouse Visual Pathway.
  • 2022.7.1
    Dr. Yamazaki received The Award for Young Investigator of Japanese Society for Neurochemistry! Congratuations!
  • 2022.4.23
    Dr. Osanai’s work with Dr. Tobias Merson and colleagues in Monash University was published in BioRxiv, the title is 5′ transgenes drive leaky expression of 3′ transgenes in inducible bicistronic vectors
  • 2022.5.1.
    Ms. Watanabe move to another univirsity to work as RA.Thank you for your contribution for our lab!
  • 2022.4.1.
    Ms. Sasikarn Looprasertkul from Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) joined our lab as a PhD student.
  • 2022.4.1.
    Dr. Shinohara became full-professor in Yamanashi University! Congratuations!.
  • 2022.2.1.
    Ms. Yagai joined our lab as a research assistant.
  • 2021.8.20.
    Dr. Yamazaki’s work was published in Scientific Reports. This is his first paper as the corresponding author.
  • 2021.7.21.
    Takeshi Inagaki obtained medical research grant from Taiju Seimei Kosei foundation.
  • 2021.7.7.
    Ms. Anna Simankova in Prof Takebayashi lab in Niigata University published a paper in GLIA. The title of the paper is Ddx20, DEAD box helicase 20, is essential for the differentiation of oligodendrocyte and maintenance of myelin gene expression. Prof Ohno is co-author of the paper.
  • 2021.6.29
    Dr.Shiizaki in Prof Kuro-o’s lab published a paper in The Journal of clinical investigation. The title of the paper is Calcium phosphate microcrystals in the renal tubular fluid accelerate chronic kidney disease progression. Mr. Battulga and Prof. Ohno are co-author of the paper.
  • 2021.6.24
    Dr.Tanaka, Prof. Ohno and Dr. Osanai’ paper was published in GLIA. 3D-SEM and rabies virus vector revealed properties of a callosal oligodendrocyte.
  • 2021.4.4
    Dr. Shinohara’s work with Dr. Monai in Ochanomizu university was published in Scientific Reports
  • 2021.1.5
    Mr. Batpurev Battulga from Mongol joined our laboratory as a PhD student.
  • 2021.1.4
    Takeshi Inagaki and Prof Ohnos’ paper was published in Histochemistry and Cell Biology.
  • 2020.11.27
    A paper of Tominaga lab in National Institute for Physiological Sciences was published in Communications biology. Prof. Ohno is a co-author of the paper.
  • 2020. 8.4
    Dr. Yamazaki’s work in US was published in Journal of Neurochemistry.