Information on Outpatient Consultation

For Visitors

Please bring referral letter from other hospitals.

  • JMUH is an advanced treatment hospital. In case of the 1st visit without referral letter, 5,500 yen (including tax) is required as selected medical expenses.
    Since 1st April, 2016, 2,750 yen (including tax) is also required as selected medical expenses for the re-visit without referral letter even after receiving referral letter of JMUH to other hospitals.

Please bring Health Insurance Card, any Medical Tickets (Certificate).

  • Please notify when you would like to use Industrial Accident Insurance, Liability Insurance, etc.
  • Please bring Health Insurance Card once a month. Just in case that Health Insurance Card is not available, treatment cost would be on your own expense. (copy or fax of Health Insurance Card is not acceptable.)
  • Please ask any questions about medical consultation without hesitation at General information counter in main entrance.
Please bring Patient registration card at every visit.
Please do not forget to bring Patient registration card that is necessary for medical consultation.
Just in case of lost or corruption of Patient registration card, it would be reissued with own expense at the 1st visit reception.
Please keep receipts carefully.
Receipts can not be reissued.
Medical expense deduction declare of income tax is applicable depending on annual payment of medical bills.