Alan T. Lefor / アラン・レフォー

Biographical Note

Alan Lefor is a Professor at Jichi Medical University in Tochigi, Japan specializing in medical and surgical education. Following graduation from SUNY Upstate Medical School in Syracuse NY (USA), he completed a residency in General Surgery. Prior to arriving at JMU, he was Program Director in General Surgery and Chief of Surgical Oncology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and Professor of Surgery at UCLA. His areas of clinical expertise are General Surgical Oncology, Trauma Surgery and Surgical Critical Care. He has over 220 publications including several textbooks published around the world for residents and students. In April 2007, he assumed his current position at Jichi Medical University as Professor of Surgery and Medical Director of the Jichi Medical Simulation Center.


The Medical Simulation Center at Jichi Medical University represents a major institutional commitment to use the latest technology to improve medical education, as well as an environment for education research.
Simulation is an important tool in medical education, because it allows trainees to develop new skills as well as refine skills that they already have in an environment that poses no threat to the safety of patients. It also allows the development of teamwork among various members of the healthcare team. The use of simulators in medical education allows repetition of critical skills to improve those skills. By using the high technology tools at the Jichi Medical University Medical Simulation Center such as viewing areas and video cameras, we also have the ability to review the performance of participants in great detail in order to provide detailed feedback.
The optimum role for simulation in many areas of medical education has not yet been defined and further research is necessary. The Jichi Medical Simulation Center plays an important role in the conduct of educational research to determine exactly how simulation should best be used in the education of future medical professionals.