Year 2017

We had a BBQ Party to welcome Postdoctoral Fellow Ms. XinEeTan, and Hitatchi Scholarship Researcher Dr. Wanchai Assavalapsakul at Univ. Campus. [Photo collection]
Our futsal team participated in the University's sports festival.  [Photo collection]

Ms. XinEe Tan from National University of Malaysia joined us as Postdoctoral Fellow.
Dr. Wanchai Assavalapsakul from Chulanongkorn University (Thailand) joined us as Visiting Researcher.
We obtained some additional research grants from private sources (Foundation & Corporation), totalling 26,100,000 JPY for FY2017[GRANT DETAIL]

Ph.D. student Mr. Kanate Thitiananpakornanit received Best Presentation Award at The 3rd JMU Workshop for Graduate Student. [Commemorative photograph]

We held a kick-off meeting for strat up the J-PRIDE Project.
Our division obtained several competitive research fundings from Government (See detail in Japanese):
1. Longzhu Cui, Challenging Research (Exploratory) of MEXT (2017-2018); 
2. Longzhu Cui, J-PRIDE of AMED (2017-2019); 
3. Longzhu Cui, Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows of JSPS (2017-2018); 
4. Shinya Watanabe,
Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (A) of MEXT (2015-2018); 
5. Kotaro Kiga, Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B), JSPS (2016-2017);
6. Yusuke Satofo, Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B) of JSPS (2017-2019).

Second-year medical students Mr. Chen Yoshitatsu joined our group as Volunteer Research Assistant.
Dr. Shino Hosoya (University of Tsukuba) joined us as a Guest Researcher.  
Univeristy approved application of Miss Tan XinEe (from Malaysia) for postdoctoral fellowship. She will come soon.
The 3rd grade medical students Mr. Manabu Suzutani and Mr. Kosuke Sasaki  joined our group as Volunteer Research Assistants (after school time program).
We held a welcome party for 4 new members (one postc, two graduate students and one volunteer research assistant).   [Commemorative photograph]
Second-year medical students Mr. Manabu Suzutani  and Mr. Kosuke Sasaki joined our group as a Volunteer Research Assistant (after school time program).
Dr. Bintao Cui from Australia joined us as Postdoctoral Fellowship. 
First-year medical student Miss Chihiro Shimizu joined our group as a Volunteer Research Assistant (after school time program).
Dr. Yusuke Taki and Mr. Feng-Yu Li joined us as graduate students.
The 2nd Joint Workshop was held as scheduled at Training Center.  [Commemorative photograph]
The 2nd Joint Workshop of Department of Infection and Immunity (4 divisions: Bacteriology, Virology. Medical Zoology and Parasitology, and Clinical Infectious Diseases) will be held on 14th March at Training Center. []

The entrance examination for graduate school was held, and there were two  applicants applying to our division.

Dr.Tatsuo Taki who was a teather at the time the Jichi Medical Univesity was established jioned us as Contract Lecturer.

Application of Dr. Bintao Cui (RMIT Univ., Australia) for JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship For Research in Japan gets approved.  She will  join us very soon.

We held New Year Pary at laboratory meeting room.
Happy New Year !
We started our work today with looking forward to being a prosperous and achieving year 2017.
Year 2016

Laboratory's Year-end-party was held with successive professors at Bisutorokiyoshi, Utsunomiya. [photograph]
The explanatory meeting for graduate school entrance examination will be held on 7th and 30th Nov. [Poster in Japanese] 
Faculty members paid a courtesy visit to University President Mr. Ryozo Nagai.  [Commemorative photograph] 
Mr. Fen-Yu Li, graduated from Dalian Medical Univeristy, joined us as a research student.
We determined the whole genome sequence of a Streptococcus pyogenes strain isolated from an acute phlegmonous gastritis (APG) patient in Jichi Medical University Hospital. APG is an extremely rare, rapidly progressive and fatal bacterial infection  [Genome Data] [Paper]
Prof.  Cui and Assitant Prof. Sato'o attend 17th ISSSI held on 30th August - 2nd September in Seou, Korea.
Mr. Kotaro Kiga from Tokyo University joined our Division as a Lecturer.

First-year medical student Miss Miwa Ito joined our group as a Volunteer Research Assistant (after school time programs).

Confocal microscopy and two-unit CO2 incubator were donated to our laboratory by Professor Kentaro Sugano and Professor Hironori Yamamoto (Internal Medicine Gastroenterology).  Thank you to prof. Sugano and Prof. Yamamoto for your kindness.
Recruitment for Graduate Students (Master's & Doctoral courses) for 2017 has now opened.

Assistant prof. Yusuke Sato'o's proposal for KIEIKAI RESEARCH FOUINDATION RESEARCH GRANT FOR 2016 got approved.
Assistant prof. Yoshifumi Aiba's proposal for JICHI MEDIAL UNIVERSITY YOUNG INVESTIGATOR AWARD got approved.
Mr. Kanate Thitiananpakorn and Mr. Tanit Boonsiri joined us as Ph.D. students.
Temperature Grandient Rocking Incubator TVS126MB was arrived today.
Mr. Tanit Boonsiri passed the entrance examination of the  graduate school, and will start his Ph.D. course from 1th April.
Dr. Avarzed Amgalanbaatar completed his Ph.D. course and graduated this month.
The Joint Workshop was held on scheduel, and followed by a pary for get together and farewell for professor Hiroyuki Matsuoka. [Commemorative photograph]

The 1th Joint Workshop of Department of Infection and Immunity (4 divisions: Bacteriology, Virology. Medical Zoology and Parasitology. and Clinical Infectious Diseases) will be held on 10th March at Training Center. []
We held a collaboration seminar  today with Sequencing Specialist Team of Illunina K.K. on NGS applications in bacteriology.
Mr. Tanit Boonsiri from Phramongkutklao College of Medicine (Thailand) joined us as a research student.
Two sets of next-generation sequencing systems, MiSeq and NextSeq, are arrived today.
Happy New Year 2016 !
We start the new year to our 2016's mission and vision.
Year 2015

A year-end party was held  with  guests from other Departments and Universitis. [PHOTOGRAPH]

Mr. Yoshifumi Aiba from Juntendo University joined our Division as an Assistant professor.

We held an evening party in honor of Emeritus professor Mr. Masayasu Nakano. [SOUVENIR PHOTOGRAPH]

The student delegates from Mongolian National University visited our Division.  [PHOTOGRAPHS]

Professor Satoshi Omura of Kitasato Institute for Life Science (where Prof. Cui belonged to until last year) has won a Nobel Prize for Medicine.  CongratulationsWe are so happy for you.
On October 7th (Wed.), we will hold a seminar as a part of "The Short-term Exchange Study Program between Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences and Jichi Medical University 2015".  [PROGRAM]
Two second-year medical students Mr. Noriki Ikeda and Mr. Ryu Narimatsu joined our group as the Volunteer Research Assistants (after school time programs).
Professor Cui, Lecturer Watanabe and Assistant professor Sato'o paid a courtesy visit to The First Professor Mr. Masayasu Nakano (Incumbency: 1973-1996).

Professor Cui attend The 14th GRC on Staphylococal Disease held on 11-17 July in Europe at Il Ciocco, Italy.

Application for purchase of two next generation sequencer systems, MiSeq and NextSeq, was approved by University today.

Applied Biosystem 3010xl and Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer were donated to our laboratory by Professor Makoto Kuro-o (Center for Molecular Medicine).    Thank you Prof. Kuro-o !

Grant application entitled gDevelopment of anti-Helicobacter pylori drugs based on the combinatorial synthesish by Associate Prof. Shimomura for The Promotion Funds of A-STEP from Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) was approved.

Applications of FY2015 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (-KAKENHI- from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, Culture, and Technology of the Government) were approved:
  1) Shinya Watanabe, Grant-in-Aid for Young
       Scientists (A) (New)
  2) Longzhu Cui, Scientific Research (C) (Continued)

Graduate student Dr. Avarzed Amgalanbaatar is appointed as Research Assistant.

Assistant Professor Mr. Yusuke Sato'o joined our Diivision as a new faculty member.
Lecturer Mr. Shinya Watanabe joined our Diivision as a new faculty member.
Professor Dr. Longzhu Cui is appointed as The Third Professor for the Division of Bacteriology.

Retirement party for The Second Professor of Division of Bacteriology, Professor Dr. Yoshkazu Hirayi was held at Jichiidai, Tochigi.

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