Department of Plastic Surgery

Division of Facial Surgery

Facial surgery refers to the area handling the face. Sometimes it is called by maxillo-facial surgery, including jaw bones and sometimes referred to cranio-maxillo-facial surgery, including the skull.

In plastic surgery, we mainly deal with tissues of the body surface, namely skin and soft tissues (fat and muscle), but in the area of the face and limbs we also treat bone trauma and diseases such as fractures. In facial surgery, we treat fractures and deformation of the facial bones, facial palsy, deformity of the jaw, deformity of the nose, and ptosis. We also treat benign or malignant skin tumors of the face, tumors of the salivary glands such as the parotid glands, and etc.

Diseases and Disorders that Involve Facial Surgery

Reconstruction of the face (soft tissue defects of the face)
Facial fracture
Facial palsy

Plastic Surgery