Department of Plastic Surgery

Laboratory Introduction

■Plastic Surgery Lab(west wing 2F, 3F)

■Research facilities in the Laboratory

1. Clean room(class1000)

2. Cell culture facility (safety cabinet, incubator, etc.)

3. animal rearing facility (mice, rats)

4. Confocal microscopes (inverted, upright)

5. Fluorescent microscope, stereomicroscope

6. Radiation irradiation device

7. FaCS

8. Fluorescent cell counter, automatic blood cell counter

9. autoclave

10. Dry heat sterilizer, gas sterilizer

11. Cell banking facility (gas phase, liquid nitrogen)

12. Deep freezer, etc.


For detailed research contents of the Department of Plastic Surgery, please see the research project pages.


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Plastic Surgery Laboratories
West Wing 2F
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Plastic Surgery