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Research on skin regeneration

Our laboratory focuses on epithelial and mesenchymal stem cells presented in the skin and fat tissues as a source of skin regeneration and verify their effectiveness as follows,

1.Wound healing of intractable ulcers (e.g. DM foot) and radiation ulcers

2. Hair regrowth in alopecia patients

3. Developement of medical devices used in regenerative medicine

Research on adipose-drived mesenchymal stem cell

Research on the development of new regenerative medicine aimed at inducing the normalization of invaded tissues. It is the important research theme that we are searching on with particular emphasis in our laboratory.

In recent years, it has become known that undifferentiated pluripotent cells exist not only in hematopoietic tissues but also in adipose tissues.

We routinely enzymatically treat adipose tissue, thereby it is separated into the stromal vascular fraction(SVF) excluding adipocytes, and we select adipose-derived stromal cells(ASC) including adipose-derived stem cells from the tissues and evaluate their effectiveness

In addition, we evaluate therapeutic effect of adipose-derived stem cells as a means of preventing and treating radiation ulcer and keloid scars.

The research scope includes not only laboratory animals but also humans.

Many other projects are currently in the works.
If you are interested in our projects, please come and visit us once.

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