Department of Plastic Surgery

International activities

Jichi Medical School's Department of plastic Surgery provides a variety of international activities. If you are interested please join us.

  1. Invitation of famous overseas lecturers
  2. We invite famous plastic surgeons and researchers such as the US and Europe, and we will hold a lecture at any time. Until now, famous professors such as the University of California and the University of Pittsburgh held lectures.

  3. Promote collaborative research project by conducting exchange studies with famous overseas universities and research institutes
  4. We are sending international students and conducting clinical research projects overseas.

  5. Acceptance of overseas visitors and trainees
  6. We regularly accept doctors and research to visit for training at clinical activities and research activities at Jichi Medical University.

  7. Accepting overseas international students, doctoral course graduate students
  8. We have accepted researchers and foreign students from China, Taiwan, Mongolia etc. We will hold a conference in English.

  9. Organize international conferences and seminars
  10. We will organize academic events not only in Japan but also overseas such as the United States and Thailand.

  11. Presentation, presentation, participation, committee activities, teaching surgery at the international society
  12. Instructors, researchers, and young doctors in this department will present lectures and academic presentations at international conferences. It is also active at Board of Directors meetings, Board of Councilors, various steering committees. Sometimes, educational activities by live surgery are also conducted at academic society.

  13. Guidance on clinical projects overseas, instructional surgery
  14. In Taiwan, I am teaching about new treatment of breast reconstruction. Actually, I also performed surgery and follow up patients.

In this department, we place great emphasis on such international activities, and we are always recruiting a lot of people's participation. If you are interested, please contact us.

Plastic Surgery