Department of Plastic Surgery

Division of Surgical Wound Care

Surgical wound care refers to the area dealing with damage or trauma to the body surface. It treats the condition that the skin or soft tissue is damaged or defected. (i.e. burns, chemical burns, skin abrasion, laceration, etc.) We also deal with intractable ulcers including bed sores, diabetic foot ulcers, and ischemic ulcers. Sometimes we require surgeries such as skin grafting or use special devices that applies negative pressure to the wound site without sugeries.

Diseases and Disorders that Involve Surgical Wound Care

Functional reconstruction of the limb
Keloid / Hypertrophic scar
Skin tumor(Benigh, Malignant)
Laceration, bite injury
Burn, chemical burn
Foot care, DM foot
Intractable ulcer, pressure sore
Soft-tissue defects after trauma

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