How to install EZR on MacOS X
1) Download R installer from the The Comprehensive R Archive Network homepage (Download R for MacOS X). Install R and run R. Install it on the main hard drive.

2) EZR requires X11 windows system, but it may not be installed in OS X Mountain Lion or later versions. X11 windows system can be installed from a WEB site, If EZR does not work properly, repeat this procedure.

3) Open and type

install.packages("RcmdrPlugin.EZR", dependencies=TRUE)

after ">" in the R console and push the Enter key.

4) To run R commander, type


after ">" in the R console and push the Enter key. Answer "Yes" to the question (if shown) whether the user wants to install packagees that are required by Rcmdr. If this procedure does not work properly, Type
install.packages("Rcmdr", dependencies=TRUE)
after ">" in the R console and push the Enter key to install packages required by R commander, and then, repeat 3). EZR can be loaded by selecting RcmdrPlugin.EZR from the "Tools" > "Load Rcmdr plug-in(s)" menu in the R commander window. Answer "Yes" to "Restart now?".

5) EZR will start at the same time with launching R, if following 6 lined are added to the "~/.Rprofile" file.

old <- getOption('defaultPackages')
options(defaultPackages = c(old, 'Rcmdr'))

These can be done by opening the located in the Utilities folder, followed by copying and pasting the following command.

## Starts here
echo "options(Rcmdr=list(plugins='RcmdrPlugin.EZR'))" >> ~/.Rprofile
echo "local({" >> ~/.Rprofile
echo "old <- getOption('defaultPackages')" >> ~/.Rprofile
echo "options(defaultPackages = c(old, 'Rcmdr'))" >> ~/.Rprofile
echo "})" >> ~/.Rprofile
## Ends here

To manually edit the file, open, and then then copy and paste the following command. is started to edit the file.

## Starts here
open -a ~/.Rprofile
## Ends here

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