Graduate School of Nursing

Graduate School of Nursing


The Graduate School of Nursing offers two programs leading to a Master of Science in Nursing or a Doctor of Science in Nursing.

The Master’s program aims to advance the competencies of nurses by educating them to exercise clinical judgment to synthesize nursing knowledge with nursing skills, enhance administrative procedures of health and medical facilities for the benefit of local communities, and develop and improve nursing skills. The program is accredited according to the Certified Nurse Specialist educational curriculum for the five fields of women’s health nursing, child health nursing, critical care nursing, psychiatric and mental health nursing and cancer nursing.

Those who choose the field of local nursing administration and who complete the required practice experience are allowed to take the certified nursing administrator examination.

The Doctor’s program prepares researchers who understand the issues and challenges within the field of nursing from the context of the Japanese health care system and, therefore, can develop advancements with the field by combing different areas of nursing. As a result, in order to provide effective and efficient nursing care as well as contribute to health care policies, this program aims to train nurse scientists who can independently conduct comprehensive nursing research.