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Research Activities

Jichi Medical University was established primarily for the purpose of producing general practitioners to offer health care in remote areas. It is also very important for the university to constantly enhance itself in order to be an attractive and efficient institution contributing to the advancement of medicine. While continually improving the level of medical treatment at JMU hospitals, we also focus on active research as part of our founding educatinal philosophy in order to create a system that facilitates exchanges in human resources for young researchers.

It is paramount for us to attract excellent faculty and students in order to enhance our mission. We are able to do this by promoting research incorporating a more global perspective on the basis of our experience with the 21st Century COE Program, which was primarily supported by the collaboration efforts of our graduates throughout Japan.

In addition to our doctorate program, in 2003 the Graduate School of Medicine was established as an educational and research program for introducing students of diverse backgrounds in special education to medicine. In 2006, we began a graduate program for working professionals so young doctors working in local communities would be able to receive a graduate-level education without leaving their communities.

In 2010, those working for JMU became eligible for the graduate program for working professionals, and a policy was instituted for full-time faculty for graduate programs in basic medicine. Exchange programs have begun for collaborations with other research institutions and graduate schools.

The Center for Molecular Medicine, which promotes translational research aimed at clinical deployment, has been JMU’s research core. It is supported by the High-tech Research Center( HRC)- Program, and the Program to Support the Formation of Strategic Research Bases at Private Universities under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The Center has a flexible system for efficiently facilitating research that meets the demand of the times. It has also introduced a fixed term employment system and makes efforts in international exchange by holding an international symposium every year.

Clinical research is outstandingly important to develop new medical technology including treatment modalities nowadays. In order to facilitate it under appropriate guidance, the support center for clinical investigation (J-SENSATION) was established in 2013 under the direct control of the university president.

As JMU is a unique institution by global standards, we are aiming at further advancements in research which will contribute to the institution’s development.