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Educational Foundation Jichi Medical University

Jichi Medical University

  • School of Medicine
    • Division of Medicine
      • Departments
        • Section of Basic Medicine
          • Anatomy
             ・Forensic Medicine
          • Physiology
             ・Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
             ・Integrative Physiology
          • Biochemistry
             ・Structural Biochemistry
             ・Functional Biochemistry
             ・Medical Biochemistry
        • Section of Clinico-Basic Integrative Medicine
          • Pharmacology
             ・Molecular Pharmacology
             ・Clinical Pharmacology
          • Pathology
             ・Integrative Pathology
             ・Human Body Pathology
          • Infection and Immunity
             ・Medical Zoology
             ・Clinical Infectious Diseases
          • Enviromental and Preventive Medicine
        • Section of General Medicine
          • Emergency Medicine
          • Comprehensive Medicine 1
          • Comprehensive Medicine 2
        • Section of Clinical Medicine
          • Internal Medicine
             ・Endocrinology & Metabolism
             ・Rheumatology & Clinical Immunology
          • Dermatology
          • Radiology
          • Psychiatry
          • Pediatrics
             ・Pediatric Medicine
             ・Developmental Medicine
          • Surgery
             ・Cardiovascular Surgery
             ・Chest Surgery
             ・Gastroenterological Surgery
             ・General Surgery
             ・Pediatric Surgery
             ・Transplant Surgery
             ・Plastic Surgery
          • Neurosurgery
          • Orthopedics Surgery
          • Obstetrics and Gynecology
             ・Gynecologic Oncology and Women's Health Medicine
             ・Fetal, Maternal and Reproductive Medicine
          • Urology
             ・Renal Surgery and Transplantation
          • Otolaryngology
          • Ophthalmology
          • Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
             ・Intensive Care
          • Clinical Laboratory Medicine
          • Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
      • Subjects
        • General Education Department
           ・Cultural Anthropology
           ・Natural History
           ・Physical Education
           ・Medical Information
           ・Medical Human Factors
           ・Hospital Management
  • School of Nursing
    • Division of Nursing
      • Subjects
         ・Basic Science related to Nursing
         ・Fundamental Nursing
         ・Community Health Nursing
         ・Psychiatric and mental health Nursing
         ・Maternity Nursing
         ・Child Nursing
         ・Adult Nursing
         ・Gerontological Nursing
  • Graduate School
    • Graduate School of Medicine
      • Master Course
        • Medical Science
           ・Frontier Medical Science
           ・Comprehensive Medical Science
           ・Clinic Related Science
      • Doctoral Course
        • Clinical and Community Medicine
           ・Division of Community Medicine
           ・Division of General Medicine
           ・Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases
           ・Oral and Digestive Diseases
           ・Organ Pathophysiological Surgery
           ・Clinical Endocrinology and Laboratory Medicine
           ・Hematology and Clinical Immunology
           ・Psychiatry,Neurology and Musculoskeletal Diseases
           ・Reproductive and Developmental Medicine
           ・Nephrology and Urology
           ・Sensory Disorders
           ・Anesthesia,Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine
           ・Oncogenic Medicine
        • Human Biology
           ・Human Structure
           ・Biomolecular Medicine
           ・Biomedical Control Systems
           ・Biodefense Systems
           ・Basic Science of General Medicine
        • Environmental Medicine and Human Ecology
           ・Environmental and Ecological Medicine
           ・Health Care System
    • Graduate School of Nursing
      • Doctoral Course
        • Master's Program
           ・Nursing Major
           ・Advanced Practice Nursing
           ・Advanced Community Health Nursing
        • Doctor's Program
           ・Nursing Major
           ・Comprehensive practical Nursing
  • Research and Educational Facilities
    • Center for Community Medicine
    • Center for Molecular Medicine
    • Center for Information
    • Library
    • RI Center
    • Center for Experimental Medicine
    • Medical Simulation Center
    • Center for Development of Advanced Medical Technology
    • Support Center for Clinical Investigation
    • Regional Clinical Education Center
    • Data Science Center
  • Training Center for Nurses Pertaining to Specified Medical Care
  • Center for Physician and Researcher Career Support
  • Jichi Medical University Hospital
  • Jichi Medical University Saitama Medical Center